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Wage theft is rampant in the construction industry.  Do not be a victim.  Call me at (408)466-5845.

In my experience, contractors often cheat their workers by:

  • misclassifying them as “independent contractors” paying them straight wages and no overtime,
  • ordering their workers to never put overtime hours on their time cards,
  • paying workers a “piece rate” that is confusing and does not include overtime,
  • hiring subcontractors known to commit theft to — do their dirty work for them,
  • forcing their crews to work through their lunch breaks but subtracting the lunch hour from their pay,
  • failing to pay for time spent loading trucks and commuting to the job site from the yard.

There is some protection for construction workers.

The newly passed Assembly Bill 1701 and signed by Governor Jerry Brown holds general contractors and their subcontractors jointly liable for unpaid wages, all the way down the chain.

Your best protection is a call to my office.  I have been fighting for the rights of workers against unscrupulous contractors and subcontractors for over twenty years.